Jailed for justice — this time on Facebook

The US Chamber was so deeply offended by my comments about health care that it apparently reported me to Facebook and I am in jail for I don’t know how long.

I went to post something this morning on Facebook only to discover I can’t post, comment or even like anything.

I’m afraid I’ve been a bad girl. See, the US Chamber of Commerce has been boosting a post about how I need to tell my member of Commerce how terrible a not-for-profit health care system would be and how it would hurt so many businesses.

The damn thing has been on my timeline five or more times every day, so I started commenting on it, mentioning how many people die each year so these businesses — insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers — can make obscene profits while parents like me watch their children die from lack of access to care, about how people with insurance still can’t afford their medications or even recommended care.

I did it three times in the last two days and suddenly, big business is so deeply offended it reports me for harassment. Like their lies on my timeline every day aren’t offensive. Like they’re not being intrusive by spending tens of thousands of dollars to get their lies on everybody’s timeline. I call them out and I get silenced.

So, my son is dead from this for-profit mess and I have to see these US Chamber of Commerce posts all over my timeline, but if I reply with a critical comment, I get booted.

Well, I won’t be silent, not about health care or minimum wage or voting rights, about our so-called justice system, about our violation of human rights in the way we jail immigrant children who have been ripped from their parents’ arms so for-profit prisons can abuse them, or about education or the environment. And I especially will not be silent about the corporate takeover of our government and of every aspect of our lives.

I won’t be silent about Big Business’s takeover of the Democratic Party and the party’s abandonment of its traditional values (check out the 1976 party platform for a synopsis of what our values were just 40 years ago).

And the DNC needs to know that I will not vote for a candidate who will not commit to Medicare for All in the next two years (it’s a big effort, so I’ll allow up to two years to get it up and running), an immediate raise to a $15 minimum wage, with annual $1 raises until the wage reaches what it would be if it had been tied to inflation ($23 right now) and passage of the election reform law the Democrats approved in the House and Mitch McConnell is blocking in the Senate. That has to be followed by a credible effort to address climate change NOW.

The vast majority of Americans want Medicare for All — 70 percent overall, and 52 percent among Republicans. If the DNC continues to try and paint this as leftist and radical, it does not deserve to win an election ever again.

We are not radicals for wanting these things. We should not allow ourselves to be portrayed as such.

When we see articles like the one that appeared in the NY Times in Sunday and one that ran in the Washington Post yesterday, claiming a “centrist” is the only candidate that can defeat the creature currently squatting in the White House, we need to rise up and demand more.

Our positions are reasonable on these issues; the DNC positions are not.

You can try to silence me, but I won’t shut up. I won’t go away. I will continue to call out the lies of the oligarchs who are in control of this country right now until they’re defeated or until they kill me.

And here’s why:

Eleven years ago today, I still held out faint hope that I would have a few months left with my son. We hoped to take a road trip to New England and New York so he could see family and friends there one last time. He needed to gain 2 pounds before his next chemo appointment.

But it was not to be. In six days we would learn that the chemo wasn’t working.

On this day 11 years ago, we had just 20 days left with my son.


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  1. Walle, A. says:

    Further oligarchs include the Greensboro Police Department and “people with money” in the Westerwood area; what goes on there is Community Watch Gail Barger’s history of slander furthered by the city itself who told me “People with money have always run things–it’s just always been that way.” What the police do there, although it wasn’t all of them but is certainly Wingfiled, Patterson, Hinson–who ran from me in Center City Park when I confronted him on all of this his knowing who I was the minute I got there, so therefore what I was talking about, that he most certainly knew, so beat feet–plus Westmoreland and the number of cops who bailed-out the wealthy, which includes “Skip” Alston whose Realty Group sent me an e-mail last November in Catawba County where the GPD paid me several visits.

    What the Department does in that neighborhood is allow Barger to take photos of you to frame and slander you although she’s been doing that long before I found out, her finding some dirty laundry on a homeowner there so posted his issue (what it was I never found out) to as many as possible, that makes the Community Watch Program appear all-inclusive when the only reason Barger was in the Program has already been explained. What “someone with money” says will be echoed by the GPD who’ve accomplished even more since I’ve been there–specifically, people came to the property and to my person endlessly, with the Department bailing out all of them, especially I finally went after someone at around 2 A.M. Oct., 2015–it’s what they were after the entire time, Barger being served by County for it right in front of the GPD and then a handy-man named Kim Maynard who CRO Wingfield downplayed with “Kim sounds like a girl’s name” when he knows as well as anyone that all persons approaching me were out to make me do or say something illegal–all of that is at the courthouse and has been for some time. The Department is nearly entirely corrupt, the GPD on personal terms with people like Barger–it’s good buddies with the rich, and the rich and government together is corruption never benefits the average. The Department hit me up the same in Valley Hills Mall, right before closing coming-up right behind me–that contact identical to what I just described in how I was repeatedly approached; it also gave me a visit at Patrick Beaver and the Newton Public Library. There are a lot of people in that neighborhood who know all of this information, everyone knows I was repeatedly contacted one of those persons Andrew “Clyde” Swofford–that’s how corrupt the Department is (as they have been for some time, he’s online, too). If you are eventually charged like I was Community Trash Gail Barger and the corrupt GPD posts that information as far and wide as possible intentionally refusing to investigate the incident fully for Kotis Properties and other developers own city government that much you probably already know.

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