“I’m not sure about these cookies”

OK, I know “cookie-gate” isn’t a real issue, but there’s something here that bothers me and nobody else seems to have mentioned it.

When Mitt Romney said they didn’t look home-baked, he turned to the woman next to him and asked whether she had baked the cookies. Not any of the men, the woman, as though that should be her function.

He is totally tone deaf to the issues that affect women and families because his family has never had to struggle. Of course, I don’t know if Ann Romney bakes cookies, but she was able to choose to be a stay-at-home mom.

Not that there’s anything wrong with baking cookies — I did it the whole time my kids were growing up (in addition to holding down a full-time job), and I still love to bake. I know what’s in the cookies if I baked them and that’s important to me.

But these Romney supporters bought the best cookies in town from a local bakery that they’re very proud of, and he dissed them. He never took a single bite of any of the food they provided.

If my child had acted that way, I would have pulled him aside to tell him he was being offensive and needed to apologize. It’s about manners and it’s about at least pretending to be interested when people do something nice for you.

Anthony Bourdain eats cookies when they're offered to him, why can't Mitt?

So, what does one do when offered food like that? You look at it and say, “Oh, wow. Where did this come from?” And sound like you’re enthusiastic. And choke a little down, a la Anthony Bourdain, who eats whatever his hosts offer him rather than risk offending them. I’ve watched him eat raw seal eyeballs and pig anus without flinching.

That’s just one reason I like Anthony Bourdain a lot more than I like Mitt Romney.

You know, maybe I should bake ol’ Mittens some chocolate cookies — perhaps laced with a little laxative to loosen him up a bit.

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