Another day, another gun incident

gunsJust last week, Georgia passed a bill allowing guns everywhere. Gov. Nathan Deal signed it into law.

As if things weren’t bad enough already.

Within a couple of days, a man with a gun stalked a kids’ baseball game, claiming he could walk around armed and there was nothing any one of them could do about it.

Unfortunately, he was right. What he was doing was legal, even though it terrified the children and the adults to the point that they called off the game and left. One child asked his mother of the man was going to kill him. What kind of thing is that for a little boy to be thinking?

If the point here is about human rights, what about children’s right to be able to play a baseball game and feel safe while doing so? What about parents’ rights to sign their kids up for a baseball league without fear of having some gun nut attend and wave his weapon around?

Today, a shooter let loose in a Federal Express facility in an Atlanta suburb. The shooter injured six people, one critically, and then shot himself.

Last night, a man drove into a motel parking lot in Asheville and fired several shots into a car, then took off on his motorcycle to the Asheville Mall, where he waved his gun around in front of horrified shoppers before throwing it and running into the mall.

On April 13, a known white supremacist opened fire at a Jewish community center, killing three. After he was arrested, he could be heard shouting, “Heil Hitler!” Yeah, he deserved to carry a gun, didn’t he?

Between the massacre at Newtown Elementary School and Dec. 31, 2013, guns killed 12,042 people in the US; since Jan. 1 of this year, another 3,442 have died. More than 15,000 people. That was the entire population of the town I grew up in.

The idea that everyone should have a gun and should be able to bring it wherever he or she pleases is insane. This was not the intent of the people who wrote the Bill of Rights to the US Constitution.

That amendment predicated the right to own arms on the necessity of having a well regulated militia. These people are not part of a well regulated militia, although the shooter at the Jewish community center has been known to be affiliated with white supremacist militias.

Still, we can’t seem to get any new regulations on guns. In fact, gun laws are falling, especially in red states like Georgia and North Carolina. I’m starting to believe the red symbolizes the blood of innocents.

We seem to have lost our collective minds.

The week before last, a group of libertarian wing-nuts who deny the existence of the US government pointed guns at US government officials. This is the very definition of treason, but these people are still walking around free.

I’m certain as can be that if these men had been African-American or Latino, they’d all be dead. Instead, they’re lauded by a substantial minority in this country as heroes.

This is all driven by weapons manufacturers, bolstered by the National Rifle Association. It is not about freedom, it’s about profit.

I’m tired of trying to talk reason into people who have none. Guns do not equal safety. They MUST be regulated, despite what the NRA says.

I have never had a problem with responsible gun owners; I have a problem with giving guns to irresponsible people, to people with anger or addiction issues — to just about anyone who wants one.

You can tell me cars kill as many people as guns do, but cars are’t made with the intention to kill; guns are. Killing is the reason guns are manufactured. And by the way, cars are very regulated.

We need to put a stop to this. We must vote against people who refuse to enact more strict gun laws. We don’t live in the Old West, and the majority of us don’t want to.

Law and order doesn’t mean putting away minor drug offenders for years on end while letting anyone who wants one have a gun, no matter how dangerous they are.

We have to put an end to this.






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