What are you hiding, Mitt?

So, what is Mitt hiding?

I go away for one week and all kinds of fun breaks out in the presidential campaign.

Mitt, in trying to talk his way out of the realities of his tenure at Bain Capital, now has his lackey saying he retired retroactively. He wants us to vote for him because of his extensive business experience, but he doesn’t want us to know about his extensive business experience.

Romney claims he left Bain in 1999, but there’s plenty of evidence he was there after that, until 2002, actually. The thing is, he doesn’t want to be associated with the worst of the outsourcing and layoffs for which Bain was responsible during that time.

In fact, there’s a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, dated Feb. 11, 2001, signed by Mitt Romney and filed in 2002 claiming, that Mitt Romney was the sole owner and shareholder of Bain Capital and that he was CEO, president and managing director.

Either he lied in the SEC filing — a crime — or he’s lying now.

And when President Obama refers to that evidence, Romney demands an apology as though he’s completely innocent of all the damage Bain has done to American companies.

He wants us to believe he’s on the up and up, that he has nothing to hide, but he won’t release his tax returns.

He seems to forget that we have recording devices and paper trails and that we can see how many times he has flip-flopped and outright lied about his record.

He said the other day that John Kerry only released two years of tax records, but a quick look back shows that Kerry released 20 years of tax records. For somebody with as much business experience as Romney has, that’s pretty bad basic math.

Even members of his own party are calling in Romney to release his tax records and come clean about Bain.

I suppose he’s probably hoping he can stop all the attention by naming a running mate. I’m not certain that will help now. He needs to come clean.


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