Where do we go from here?

I’m not sure voting can get us out of this mess we’re in, but not voting certainly won’t.


We live in an empire in decline. In fact, this is far from the early stages of collapse.
I don’t know if we can stop it now, especially since those at the top won’t act on any of the emergencies we face.
We have refused to fix health care, even as tens of thousands of people die each year.
We refuse to act on climate change, even though scientists say if we don’t, this planet will become uninhabitable for humans. My great-grandchildren could be the among the last generation of humans who can live on this planet.
Our elections have become so rigged thanks to big money that our votes in some districts are next to meaningless.
The number of people living in poverty grows each year because we refuse to make business pay employees a fair wage. And poverty is lethal in too many cases.
Our infrastructure is crumbling and we refuse to invest anything to fix it.
I don’t expect any action against the criminal regime now occupying the White House, no matter what kinds of crimes are uncovered. In other words, we’re screwed and elections might not be able to save us.
Our obsession with military spending exacerbates all our other problems because we can’t pay to fix anything if we don’t stop investing in war.
But war is extremely profitable. That’s why the United States has been at war for almost all of its history.
And we can’t pay for anything until we get the wealthy to pay taxes again.
I’m not sure what we need to do, but we’d better do it fast.
I think impeachment needs to happen, but I doubt it will, no matter what kinds of crimes are uncovered. The Republicans in the Senate and those of both parties in the House who refuse to take any action against the crimes being committed, or the criminal committing them, are the ones to blame here. But they might lose campaign donations, so our lives, our county, our very existence, take a back seat to these campaign donations.
Nothing will happen unless we the people demand that it happen.
A phone call or an e-mail won’t do the trick. They ignore us. We can dial the phone or tap the keyboard until our fingers bleed, but they won’t listen because they believe the system is sufficiently rigged so that they can’t lose.
My two senators and my “representative” refuse to speak to me.
Thom Tillis’s people have actually hung up on me, and when Tillis was here as leader of the NC Senate, he had me arrested twice for trying to talk to him about health care.
Mark Meadows refuses me entry into his town halls.
Richard Burr won’t even allow me an appointment to speak to a member of his staff.
I’m afraid that even if we get a terrific turnout at the polls in 2020, we still won’t have enough of an effect to get the changes we absolutely need to see as quickly as we need to see them.
If we’re going to have an effect, we must take to the streets.
On May 1, this state’s teachers and the Poor People’s Campaign will march on Raleigh. We’re hoping to see tens of thousands of people on Halifax Mall outside of the General Assembly Building. If you want to see change, I expect to see you there.
If you recall, the Moral Monday Movement changed public opinion on our politicians here in North Carolina, but even with all that, we still have a Republican majority on the legislature here, although it no longer is a veto-proof majority, and we have a Democratic governor now.
Change takes time, and I’m not sure we have enough time left to us to fix this.
Also, don’t think this one rally will change anything. We need to combine direct action with a demand for fair elections, and then we all need to vote, and I mean every damn one of us. Vote for the person of your choice — it IS your vote after all — but vote.
And keep showing up. I’ve been doing health care activism for 11 years now and little has happened, but if I give up, I’m afraid we’re all screwed.
This is an emergency of epic proportions. If we can’t make change, and I mean really fast, we truly are doomed, not just politically, but literally.

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  1. Walle, A. says:

    Your vote in District 3 Westerwood is indeed a waste of time and is what Java with Justin is all about–if you can catch him it should be called “BS with Justin, the Establishment’s Barista.” As nearly everyone there knows, the hierarchy that is Greensboro which is not all rich, white people and “Skip” Alston but is close enough, the Greensboro Police Department led by CRO Ben Wingfield goes on slander and hounding campaigns with the upper crust, all of it hidden as much as possible by Chief Hinson who ran from me in Center City Park when I confronted him on corruption in his Department October 18, 2014, I’d also told him to get Gail Barger out of the Community Watch Program for if she did anything else other than slander others, which made her and the city look awesome, the truth of the matter is worse: according to the Westerwood Neighborhood Association itself, Pat ‘Teal” Rudy specifically “Barger’s usually out of town.”

    So what is someone often out of town doing being the Community Watch?

    That’s an easy one: the city told me “People with money have always run things–it’s just always been that way.” One cannot be the CW in Westerwood for if you were you’d find-out what the GPD is doing there: fucking people.

    The Department was directly involved in allowing people to come to the property and to my person repeatedly until I was finally charged, although that took a few years and not in broad daylight either where Barger was served by a sheriff’s deputy right in front of the GPD–who would later deny that unique event altogether–nor was I charged when a handy-man named Kim Maynard came to the property multiple times after Barger–he was especially hammered by Barnes’s people, there are plenty who don’t know shit about Sheriff Barnes, they just think that they do, none of his people ever gave me a pile of shit about “money–sorry, can’t do anything.” Nor did the Public Defender who is now a judge who wanted to subpoena the corrupt GPD. No, what I was told by GCSO was “Maynard will be the last of these people who keep coming to you” which was my first Republican vote but among my last votes ever probably thanks to the Dums and the Libs who sent down the wrong path for the majority of my life “taking over” City Council only to maintain the tradition of doing nothing. Things have gotten worse since my problems that began in 2013 that would continue to 2015, and beyond, where I was ‘swatted’ twice by a John Paul Roy that I also didn’t know, like those who came to me before and would come to me later, Roy also got bailed-out by the GPD (although arriving officers were initially unaware of this scheme, those arriving later however went out of their way to “clean-up the call” saving the Department, but more importantly “people with money”). The GPD spent a small fortune saving the “neighborhood association” who could “get rid of people.” How would I know that? I was the one that fucking called them is why. After that call one piece of shit after another began coming to the property, those issues I took straight to Shit HQ, where I set an appointment with Sgt. Patterson who would ultimately deny the connection between Barger and Maynard–for he had to. If Barger and Maynard were ever prosecuted for what they tried–it was clear they were out to have me charged so created a pressure-cooker to get me to do or say something illegal, the slightest of what I said or did amplified to no end, that much I got from the start what they were after with me through repeated endless contact, some serious shit that much is obvious if you were to have been arrested and who knows if I would have been–if both Barger and Maynard had been put in an office with a detective–but not the one with the GPD who lied, telling me “The Community Watch Program is a private program having nothing to do with us”–or if they’d been wrestled down and hand-cuffed Maynard would have squealed before Barger “The neighborhood association and the GPD have been doing this for years, there’s no telling how many people we’ve hooked-up. Now are you going to let us go?” I would unsurprisingly watch Barger and Maynard hob-nob with the Department at National Night Out an event CRO Ben Wingfield told me not to be at. I was seeing too much and maybe the Department has a ceiling on campaigns against dissenters. This scam, where I was eventually successfully charged thanks to Chief Hinson and other criminals like Officer Izaguirre who cited me at around 1:30 A.M., October 13, 2015, not 11-11:30 P.M, 12:45 A.M., nor 4 A.M., where they continued to pursue and approach me until I went after one with a baseball bat, all of this also included Andrew “Clyde the Closet” Swofford who also contacted me and took off hoping I’d come after him, which was identical to CRO Ben Wingfield punching the gas in his cruiser in Latham Park when I pulled-in the morning-morning of October 13, 2015–what Wingfield did was a direct connection between the Westerwood CRO and the biggest dope-fiend anyone ever saw, Andrew Swofford who was a notorious knucklehead and unaccomplished felon for years known by most. I’ve worked with plenty of felons but few were as stupid as the Swofford’s. Everyone except for the Westerwood Neighborhood Association Treasurer, his mother, knew what Swofford was doing in Lake Daniel Park for years where he once took a Papa John’s order into the Lake Daniel Park men’s room, left it in there, taking the extra toppings home to mom’s, his base of operations for his B&E hang-up and other prowlings. His making the internet surprised few. No one in their right mind would give him a hug. Feel free to copy and paste this to wherever you can so I can get sued.

    Alexander Walle
    Newton, NC

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