We can count on a smear campaign

Brian Turner

For those of you who might not know, I am active in the Democratic Party of Buncombe County. I think it’s important for everyone to understand what’s happening in politics and to participate in Democracy.

I live in the 116th District, which means my representative is Tim Moffitt, who in no way represents my interests.

Tim and I have had a civil relationship, but he still doesn’t represent the best interests of the people in his district, since he has voted to open the door to fracking and close the door on expanded Medicaid. He voted to legislate women’s decisions over their own bodies and also to make voting more difficult. He voted to cut funding to education.

The list goes on.

Tim Moffitt doesn’t understand what it’s like to live in poverty. When I went to talk to him about the voter ID law, he said he thought a photo ID was a good way to help lift people out of poverty because he knew he wouldn’t hire anyone without a photo ID. The $6 is an investment in one’s future, he said.

The problem is, people in poverty don’t make investments; they buy the bare necessities, if they can afford them. If I have $6 and I need food for my kids’ supper, I’m not going to “invest” in a photo ID, I’m going to feed my children.

So, I was happy to hear he will be challenged in this year’s election by Brian Turner.

I got to meet Brian at Saturday’s precinct meeting. He told us he met with Tim Moffitt last week and that Tim asked him to bow out of the race so he (Moffitt) could concentrate on his run for Speaker of the House.

Brian, of course, declined. So Tim told him things could get ugly because there are groups over which he (Moffitt) has no control who will try to shred Brian’s good reputation and savage the reputation of his whole family.

I would bet Tim Moffitt has some control over those groups, and even if he doesn’t, I’ll bet he won’t condemn any lies they try to spread.

He has done this before, when he claimed in an ad four years ago that Jane Whilden went to China on the taxpayers’ dime, when she paid for the trip herself. He told me he had the ad pulled as soon as he heard it, but an apology was in order and he never issued one.

I hope Brian can keep things civilized, but we all need to let him know we have his back in this campaign. If one of the groups over which Tim Moffitt has no control spreads slime, we have to stand up and tell the truth.

We have to be loud to drown out all the money that will flow into Moffitt’s campaign, but I think we can pull this off if we all pull together.



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  1. Sounds like this Moffitt punk is trying to intimidate Brian, Guys like Moffitt need to go down hard and fast, I hope Brian mops the floor wt him.

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