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Just a quick little post to share a few things I found this weekend that went a long way toward restoring my faith in humanity.

Asheville, North Carolina is a very special place. It feels like I took a moment to look up from all the bedazzlement of the terror baby, oil sucking, death-dealing, lying out their asses, soul-less,  toupee wearing, freaked out “conservative” “Teabagger” Republican menace… and saw the future. The future a more fully realized person would create. Yes, I mean a liberal-minded person. I use the word “menace” with the utmost sadness for those who are already hopelessly lost in the delusion that the master will someday choose them,  his good and faithful servant when we all know this master doesn’t give two shits about you. So, yeah that was nice to take a break. Here are a few things that chilled me out and lifted my spirits for the battles to come.

c’mon, stop laughing… I’m serious here : ) I know we are headed down the drain at a breakneck pace, but just hold on a second and get to clicking these links.

The Honeycutters…

Played the French Broad River Fest this weekend.

From Goodnight Irene “this world ain’t as bad as the papers make it seem”

People you need to hear this. It’s Outstanding.

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Yarn was kick ass… but, I can’t get their Reverb Nation song pack to work so here is the link. Definitely worth a click.

And that was just River Fest… Then we headed over to The Big Love event and I met some amazing artists who are creating amazing works of art despite such a hostile economy. Just buying from local, handmade artisans alone will go a long way to restoring faith in your own humanity.

Here is one of my favorites for you to check out.

Steampunky Raku Robots with Attitude.

Yes, really. These are the coolest little avatars ever.

Bottitudes is local Asheville artist Susan Lee Decker.

“I’m an artist, adventurer and recovering Iowan who LOVES robots and always has. Since I don’t have a proper robotics lab, nor the technical skills to build real robots, I’ve settled for the ceramic variety. They might not do housework or build cars or diffuse bombs or anything, but they do make people smile while they just stand there looking all steampunky cool.”




Gotta go… have a great week y’all

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